Adelle Marsden

Personal Trainer at all Fitness Unlimited venues.

Speacialist Areas

Body building

Building muscle

Cardio training


Weight loss


Qualifications – IAQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Business QLF
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Group Ex - Spinning, Kettlebells, Aqua Aerobics, Bootcamps & Circuits
Licensed Running Leader

About Adelle.

By my own admission I am your typical fitness junkie who likes to spread the love. I have been into the fitness thing for over 20 years. Covering over 2000 miles a year, my love for running and competing has given me 10 years of discipline in regular exercise, having competed in over 500 races from 1 mile to ultra distance. It's been both challenging and enjoyable and i've still a way to go to reach even bigger goals! I ride both road and mountain bikes and have competed in triathlon, however swimming is an issue!

I have two beautiful daughters who are now teenagers. I've been there trying to loose the baby weight and struggled, but successfully managed to transform my body back to its former state or thereabouts. I have real empathy with this real life struggle with new and older mums or someone just trying to change their body or live a healthier lifestyle. I have the tools to help you achieve this.

Working with Fitness Unlimited now for over 4 years I am a familiar face to some. My strengths are running fitness and balancing weight training, strength and conditioning against endurance and bringing it altogether, teaching group Ex classes. Sometimes it may have been said a brutal spin class and a challenging kettlebell session.

My PT clients have all succeeded in whatever goals they have wanted to achieve, be it a running training plan to get that Personal Best or completely new body sculpting journey.

I have passion and enthusiasm with a will to succeed and get results fast. It gives me immense pleasure transforming someone’s outlook on body image and fitness.

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