Amy Owen

Fitness Unlimited Personal Trainer at Hillsborough Leisure Centre.

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Build muscle and toning
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Strength training
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Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Strength and Conditiong Coach
BSc (Hons) Sports, Exercise and Health Psycholo

About Amy

I have always struggled with my bodyweight and size. Up until my early 20’s, I was always overweight. I felt unhappy but not motivated enough to do anything about it. Then aged just 22, I was diagnosed with pre-high blood pressure. I had to make a change.

I started out exercising not even being able to jog a length of my local park.

Just 1 year later, I had lost 3 ½ stones in weight, going from 12 ½ stones to just under 9. However, I had no idea how to train correctly. I spent HOURS cardio training, in fitness classes, running and walking for miles on empty. I never lifted a weight. Although I was physically fitter, I felt starving and exhausted from overtraining cardio but continued regardless, maintaining a low body weight and small size had become all that mattered to me.

Aged 22 and having never exercised, I weighed 12 ½ stones. Just one year later, I had brought my weight down to 9 stones. This was at the lower end of a healthy weight range for my height but I felt fat!! Although I was at my ideal weight on the scales, my body was ‘flabby’ and lacked muscle tone. I felt bloated from eating a high carbohydrate diet. I only did cardiovascular training and never lifted weights.

I maintained my ‘training’ regime for 5 years before I was abruptly stopped in my tracks when my back gave in. I could barely move. Once I was up and walking, I was no longer able to do what I thought was training. Frustrated, I attempted to return to my precious long hours of cardio, often only managing 10 minutes at a time due to persistent back pain.  I over ate due to stress and I rapidly regained body fat.

Finally, I began core strengthening and weight training. However, having 0 previous experience of training correctly, I lacked confidence and feared aggravating my back. I gained support from a Personal Trainer at my gym and as part of my new programme; we developed exercises that had been given to me by my physiotherapist into a much more exciting routine!

Finally I COULD do a workout!  I began to regain fitness, strengthen and release areas of tension.

Lifting weights and strength training, has massively reduced my back pain. I still have ‘niggles’ but am able to train in a way that strengthens and protects. (My clients will vouch how keen I am on strengthening stabilising muscles, maintaining a strong core and proper form when lifting!).

I still do cardio but NOT for HOURS a day! I maintain my cardiovascular fitness and stick to my weights routine. That way I don’t wind up aggravating niggles, feeling overly fatigued, or starving! I balance my exercise and calorie intake to gain strength and build muscle, whilst in addition gradually reducing body fat.

Everyone has their own challenges, goals and ambitions. From my training experience and qualifications, I will create you an effective exercise programme, offer nutritional support and take you on a journey towards reaching your full potential!

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